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Opportunities of SEIS and SISE: Integrating Environmental Knowledge in Europe | March 25-27, 2009 | Prague, Czech Republic

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A1 Prague Informative Tour - max. 4 hrs
Wednesday 25.3., 14:00 - CANCELLED
         Friday 27.3., 14:00
Price pp: 20,- EUR (includes English speaking guide, 1 transfer, no admissions)
This tour offers a general impression of the “Golden City” by walk and visiting  several important sites.
It starts at Prague Castle and continues to the Lesser Town, Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square where you can see the Old Town Hall and its 15th century astronomical clock, as well as the Church of Our Lady of Tyn and the romantic Walk of the Kings. Enjoy this tour while listening to ancient legends and tales and observing and feeling the pulse of a modern central-European metropolis.


A2Prague´s Jewish Ghetto - 4 hrs 
Thursday 26.3., 14:00 - CANCELLED
         Friday 27.3., 14:00 - CANCELLED
Price pp: 48,- EUR (includes admission to areas of the Jewish Quarter and Old New Synagogue, English speaking guide, 1 transfer)      
This half-day walking tour will take you to the historical heart of the city – the Old Town, which was settled more than 1000 years ago. The tour begins on the Old Town Square with beautiful houses, palaces and churches of various architectonic styles and a famous astronomical clock. The tour continues to the Jewish Quarter. The story of Prague’s Jewish community can be traced back to the middle of the 10th century. This tour will visit the evocative Old Jewish Cemetery, which dates from the 15th century, Europe’s oldest Synagogue – the Gothic style Old-New Synagogue, the High Synagogue, the Town Hall, the Pinkas Synagogue and the Ceremonial Hall with its collection of children´s art from the Terezin concentration camp.


A3 Prague by Night – visit to Jazz Club - 3,5 hrs
Friday 27.3., 18:00
Price pp: 55,- EUR (includes English speaking guide, light dinner and live jazz concert, 1 transfer; no drinks included)
You will spend an enjoyable evening visiting the most beautiful squares of Prague, such as Prikopy and the Old Town Square. This tour also includes a visit to one of Prague’s most famous jazz clubs – “U staré paní“ where live jazz concerts and a light dinner will be served.


A4 Boat Cruise with Dinner - 4 hrs
Friday 27.3., 18:00 - CANCELLED
Price pp: 55,- EUR (includes 3-hour boat cruise with live music, buffet dinner, English speaking guide, 1 transfer; no drinks included)
We are sure everybody will agree with us – the face of the city changes at night.
Observing Prague illuminated at night from a boat calms the psyche, evoking a romantic atmosphere and reviving your fantasies. During the cruise you will have the opportunity to admire Prague’s cultural, historical and architectonical jewels such as Vysehrad Castle - the former seat of medieval Czech Kings, the National Theatre - the most important and lasting symbol of Czech culture and national spirit, Palace Zofin, Lichtenstejnsky Palace with its colonnade in Art-Nouveau style – unique in Europe, the Charles Bridge and also the unmistakable, unforgettable panorama of Prague Castle for which Prague has become so well-known. Having taken in all the history, you can further enjoy the tour by relaxing over coffee and cake and some music on the river under the ancient stone abutments of Charles Bridge.



B1 Kutna Hora / UNESCO - 8 hrs 
Thursday 26.3., 9:00
         Saturday 28.3., 9:00
Price pp: 72,- EUR (includes admissions to the St. Barbora Cathedral, Italian Court and Alchemy Museum, lunch, English speaking guide, transportation)
This full-day tour of the city, which thanks to the quantity and quality of its historical monuments, was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Because of its rich silver mines, Kutna Hora became the second most important town of medieval Bohemia. The richness of the city resulted in beautiful architecture and construction of several astonishing monuments such as St Barbara’s Cathedral or the Italian Court. Another fascinating new attraction you will visit in Kutna Hora - is the World´s First Museum dedicated to Alchemy. You will explore fact, fiction and fantasy in the world of alchemy; discover unusual objects, cryptic texts and startling visual images, possible clues in the search for the Philosopher’s Stone. You will discover the rich history of alchemy in the Czech Lands and its relationship with the mining and metallurgical traditions of Kutna Hora. Lunch included.


B2 Karlstejn Castle and Konopiste Chateau - 9 hrs 
Friday 27.3., 9:00 - CANCELLED
        Saturday 28.3., 9:00 - CANCELLED
Price pp: 88,- EUR (includes admission to the Karlstejn and Konopiste Castles, lunch, English speaking guide, transportation)
This full day tour to the romantic Konopiste Chateau takes you south of Prague. The Chateau was built in the late 13th century in the style of a French Fortress. The last private owner Archduke Franz Ferdinand d´Este, the successor to the Austrian throne, was assassinated in Sarajevo in 1914. The chateau is situated in a lovely park and contains extensive collections of historical weapons, furnishings, late-Gothic Sculptures, paintings, rare tapestries and innumerable hunting trophies.
Lunch at Karlstejn. Built in the 14th century, Karlstejn Castle takes you on a tour of a historical site where the crown jewels and personal relics of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV are stored. The castle, surrounded by a beautiful romantic countryside, ranks among the most visited castles in the Czech Republic.
This tour is not recommended for less than keen walkers.